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Grants Made by Somerset Masonic Charities 2009-15

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Somerset Freemasons announce Grants of £40,671 to non-masonic charities

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“At a Grants Presentation Evening held in the Masonic Hall at Taunton on Tuesday November 3, in front of an audience of charities and civic leaders from the Somerset County Council area, Somerset Freemasons presented the following grants:

* £3, 757 to St. Margaret’s Hospice, Taunton, including £1K from the Richard Huish Lodge, in Taunton. Presented to: Anna Willett.

* £2,757 to St. Margaret’s Hospice, Yeovil. Presented to: Mark Flower.

* £1,622 to SW Children’s Hospice at Wraxall. Presented to: Kylie Gallagher

* £5,000 to Age UK. Presented to: Pam Richards.

* £5,000 to The Kidney Development Fund at The Exeter Renal Unit. Presented to: Dr. Richard D’Souza.

* £8,400 for the purchase of Negative Pressure Wound Pumps, from the Provincial
Grand Stewards Lodge. Presented to: Nurse Sarah Williams and Kate Hurring.

* £14,135 for the purchase of Vein Viewers for the Haematology, Oncology and Palliative Care Dept. of Musgrove Hospital, from the Masonic Bowling Association. Presented to: Glenn Bruce.

* Mentions were made of future donations planned of nearly £40,000 from the Somerset Masonic Flood Relief Fund, following the appalling devastation caused by the flooding on The Somerset Levels during the Winter of 2013/14. Details and recipients still being arranged and confirmed.

Charity recipients left-to-right: Dr. Richard D’Souza, Glenn Bruce, Kate Hurring, Anna Willett, Sarah Williams, Mark Flower, Paula D’Souza and Kylie Gallagher.
Also pictured: Stuart Hadler - Provincial Grand Master of Somerset (eighth from the left) and David Maddern - Provincial Charity Steward (on extreme right)

John Cole - Communications Officer

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Civic Leaders from the many local authorities present pictured with Stuart Hadler - Provincial Grand Master for Somerset.

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Provincial Grand Stewards Lodge 9189 present of one of the two Negative Pressure Wound Pumps.
Left to Right: Toby Hammond (WM), Nurse Sarah Williams (holding pump), Roger Jenkins (ChStwd), Kate Hurring and Pat Morrisey (IPM). Sarah is the Senior Tissue Viability Nurse for the Somerset Community Partnership.

Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT) is a widely used therapeutic wound treatment technique today. The therapy is performed by applying controlled sub-atmospheric pressure to the local wound environment, using a sealed wound dressing connected to a vacuum pump.
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