Somerset Freemasons

Information for Lodge Mentors and Personal Mentors

Provincial Education Resources

Chairman - W. Bro Ben Batley APGM
Email b.batley Tel 01458 224663

Provincial Education (Orator)
- W. Bro Jeremy Hellier
Email J Hellier Tel 01823 400655

Provincial Education Visual Aid Equipment
W. Bro. Willie Willmetts
Email w.willmetts Tel 01984 624032

Lectures and Presentations


The changing face of Masonry over the last 300 years and the need to plan for the future.
V.W.Bro Ray Guthrie
Email r.guthrie Tel 01761 471275

W. Bro Paul Howard-Baker
Email p.howard-baker Tel 01271 812651

W. Bro. Richard Kilburn (Open Events)
Email r.kilburn Tel 01934 713158

W. Bro. Derek Wilton
Email d.wilton Tel 01275 878337

W. Bro. Willie Willmetts
Email w.willmetts Tel 01984 624032

W. Bro. Barrie Palmer
Email b.palmer Tel 01823 274915

W. Bro. Nick Britton
Email n.britton Tel 01275 854223

W. Bro. Alex Moran
Email a.moran Tel 01984 641988

W. Bro. Bill Wilson (Cadogan Court Talk)
Email b.wilson Tel 01398 324687

W.Bro. Jon Cozens.
"The Order of St John and its relationship to Freemasonry."

W. Bro. Richard Parrish
Email r.parrish
Talk on lodge mentoring and “The Masonic Pathway”

W. Bro. Chris Summers
Email c.summers
Talks on Masonic side degrees and the Royal Arch

W. Bro. David Ware
Email d.ware
Various talks available as required

Degree Ceremony Explanations
Royal Arch -
Talking Heads
W. Bro Ray Beckingham
Email r.beckingham Tel 01934 413790

W. Bro Richard Reeve
Email r.reeve Tel 01275 372405

Somerset Snippets
The Gavel
The Trowel
Tylers Jewel
Wands of Office
88 Lodge Worshipful Masters