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Information and Resources for Lodge Almoners

The Almoner plays a vital part in the life of every Lodge and Province.
The role has in recent times been recognised and acknowledged by Grand Lodge and Provincial Grand Lodges to be of great importance. With people now living longer, and typically remaining in their own homes, the work of the Almoner will continue to expand.
The Almoners duties include keeping in touch with all Lodge members, especially those who for various reasons are unable to attend Lodge. To provide help and support to those members and their families who are ill, providing additional support via the Masonic Charities if required.
The Jewel worn by the Lodge Almoner is a script purse on which is a heart.
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September 2014 Almoner's Handbook latest update

The Almoner’s Handbook, issued in 2010 and last updated in 2011, has been reviewed by a Working Group of Provincial Grand Almoners. The updated document now includes:

· Latest information on the support available from the central Masonic Charities, who is eligible and how to apply
· Information about the recently launched Advice and Support Team
· Guidance on data protection rules
· Contact details for organisations and charities that may be able to assist Lodge members and their families
· Best practice advice for Lodge Almoners
· A copy of the updated Keeping in Touch paper

Useful Links for Lodge Almoners

Provincial Grand Almoner W Bro Ian Walker

TEL 01308 861461

Rose Cottage
2A Newtown