Somerset Freemasons

Information and Resources for Lodge Directors of Ceremonies

The Office of the Director of Ceremonies is of some importance in any Lodge. The DC’s role is to make certain that ceremonies are efficiently conducted with dignity and decorum and that all concerned are aware in advance of what they have to do.
The Lodge DC's Jewel is two wands in saltire.

"When you were appointed Director of Ceremonies of the Lodge, the Worshipful Master presented you with the wand; a badge of your office, he did not present you with an implement (or Gavel) to pound on the floor to call the brethren’s attention. Your voice should be perfectly adequate."
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Seminars for Lodge Directors of Ceremonies

The Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies has announced 2 dates in Clevedon and Taunton where Seminars will be held for Lodge DCs. The Seminars are designed to assist and inform all Lodge DCs, ADCs and those who are considering taking the post. They will be held on Monday July 4th at Clevedon MH and Monday 22nd August at Taunton MH. If you would like to attend either, please contact the Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies here and for more information please click here