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"All monies due to, or held for, the Lodge shall be paid or remitted to the Treasurer direct, who shall without undue delay deposit the same in an account in the name of the Lodge at a bank to be approved by resolution of the Lodge. The Treasurer shall make such payments as are duly authorised or sanctioned by the Lodge"

Extract from rule 153 Book of Constitutions, duties of the Treasurer.

The Jewel worn by the Treasurer is a Key appended to a Collar.
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Provincial Treasurer: Keith Surry
Assistant Provincial Treasurer: Wynne Jones

Documents and Information

The current fee payable by Lodges to PGL Somerset is £7.50 per member per year.

Download Treasurer's Guide Lodge account examiners would also find this document useful.

UGLE fees for 2018

Time Management in Lodge

The Book of Constitutions is available in its most up to date version online at the UGLE web site.