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Talking Heads

Talking Heads - The Next Step: Into The Royal Arch

Following a very successful initiative in London, Somerset Provincial Grand Lodge and the Provincial Grand Chapter, with the support of Metropolitan Grand Lodge have introduced "Talking Heads" to the Province. This educational Initiative is a key element within the "Initiation to Exaltation" Masonic Journey. It introduces the Royal Arch Chapter to new Master Masons as well as to others who may have considered joining, or those who have not attended for some while.

Why is the Royal Arch a separate Order and what is a Master Mason in the 21st century missing by not being a member? "Talking Heads" is a short Playlet lasting between 30 and 45 minutes and seeks to answer those questions. It depicts an encounter between an experienced Past Master who is also a Royal Arch Companion and a relatively new Master Mason.
The opening scene, which is all carried out in the Lodge room, begins with two masons chatting in the ante room as they put on their regalia, after which they start to engage with the brethren present. The playlet covers the history of the Order and explains a little about the regalia- especially the jewel which is worn in lodges- as well as discussing the links with the Craft.
Talking Heads goes on to describe the way the journey of personal discovery continues beyond the Craft experience, as well as the likely time and financial commitments needed to reach completion of pure Ancient Freemasonry. The performance is delivered with a great deal of good humour between the players and occasional off - script asides make the event enjoyable as well as Educational.

Talking Heads has been performed at Fidelity & Sincerity, Elizabethan Lodge, Taunton Deane and Pilgrims Lodge.
Future Talks are at Lodge of Honour, Bath on 12th December. Gordano Lodge, Clevedon on 23rd January 2017 and Love & Honour on 18th October 2017.

If you wish to receive this playlet please contact the Co ordinator of talks W.Bro Ray Beckingham 01934413790 or email

Dear All,

On Monday evening our team made a presentation of the Talking Heads to the Lodge of Honour in Bath.
It went down well with the Brethren, as much with those who are members of the Royal Arch, as those who are yet to join. One comment was, "I have been a member of the Chapter for ten years and learned more this evening than in that ten years".    Another said, "That was the third time I have heard Talking Heads and I find something new each time". The responder to the visitors toast said that he and all the visitors thoroughly enjoyed the presentation.

John B Muskett
Team Leader