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The Dunckerley Club

The objective of the Dunckerley Club is to support the elder Brethren who perhaps don't attend or are unable to visit Lodges in the evenings. The Dunckerley Club relies heavily upon the North East Somerset Almoners and the Brethren in general to promote the Club and it's objectives under the auspices of the newly formed Somerset Masonic Friendship Association (SMFA)
For more information or to book in for the next meeting contact David Hogg
The last three Meetings of the Dunckerley Club in Bath have been a great success and very happy occasions, where old friends met together to catch up with news and did a bit of reminiscing.
The name of the Club has been formally adopted as it recognises a man who did so much for Freemasonry in his time, as have our older Brethren, in theirs.
V W Bro Denis Calderley is our Chairman, which neatly mirrors his responsibility for the North East Area of the Somerset Masonic Friendship Association.
Indeed, recognising the geographic coverage of SMFA(NE) it is an appropriate time to expand our horizons and we now plan to meet in rotation at other venues in the area; starting with our next Meeting on Saturday 15th November, in Keynsham.
Again, younger Brethren are encouraged to seek out and accompany an older Brother but wives, partners, widows and non-masonic friends will also be made very welcome.

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